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No need to utilize contract nurses. We provide skilled RN’s for all levels of care. With our innovative direct hire platform there are no hidden fees, we guarantee our nurse.

Direct Hire International Nursing Recruitment


Access to US facilitates direct international nursing recruitment, providing full-time, long-term nurses who seamlessly integrate into a healthcare employer’s regular staff upon their relocation to the United States. Moreover, Access to US manages all aspects of immigration logistics for nurse recruitment, including applicant sourcing, screening, hiring process facilitation, immigration paperwork management, credentialing and licensure verification, and relocation coordination.

Leading Agency for International Nurses in the USA


Perfection doesn't exits, but our commitment to supplying our clients with qualified, dedicated nursing staff is what we strive for

  • We understand, that it is critical to the patient’s outcome to delivery safe, quality nursing care.
  • ACESS TO US , provides a global pipeline of highly qualified and fully vetted nursing professional.
  • ACESS TO US guarantees our nurses. We understand that QUALITY NURSES are an essential component of comprehensive healthcare.
  • We recognize the challenge of the nursing shortages and agency staffing. Our international direct-hire approach to foster a culture of care and drive positive patient outcomes.   

Benefits of International Recruitment

The advantages of international recruitment stand out among the various staffing solutions your healthcare facility can explore. Consider the following benefits of hiring nurses from different parts of the world:

  • Boost the number of permanent nurses within your team.
  • Enable you to recruit experienced professionals in large numbers, facilitating program or facility expansions.
  • Expand the pool of qualified nurses, encompassing various clinical backgrounds and specialties, to meet the increasing demand for high-quality healthcare services.


We offer a comprehensive recruitment solution tailored for healthcare employers. Our services include applicant sourcing and screening, streamlining the hiring process, managing immigration paperwork, candidate credentialing, licensure, and overseeing the relocation process. Our flat fee per applicant ensures that your recruitment endeavors stay within budget.
Furthermore, we take pride in being active members of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment and the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices.

Leading Agency for International Nurses in the USA


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